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Case Study

Case Study Joann, .22 acres in Vero Beach, FL

Joann’s Challenge  Joann owned .22 acres of undeveloped land for 25 years, and wanted to sell it for most of that time. She tried listing it on MLS several times, and it never sold; it didn’t even attract an offer.

Real Estate Vendor Profile

Real Estate Vendor Profile: ProTitleUSA

About ProTitleUSA ProTitleUSA is the national title search and analysis leader, providing its customers with the highest level of title services in all areas of the real estate market. Its one mission: to provide the best possible service at the

Real Estate Vendor Profile

Real Estate Vendor Profile: MapRight

About MapRight was founded in 2014 to help companies and individuals gain a better understanding of properties and land features, and be able to more intuitively communicate them with others.  Through an app and an online platform, people use

Water Rights

The Importance of Understanding Water Rights

In our world, water is the ultimate natural resource. Communities and even entire civilizations over time have been concentrated around places with easy access to water. As our world gets warmer, and the population increases, water will only become more

Process of Selling Land

The Process of Selling Land to Solterra Property Group

Over time, with lots of experience, Solterra Property has established a best practice process for buying land from sellers. Here are the 10 main steps:   1. Get to Know Sellers and Their Situation The more information Solterra can gather,

Recent News and Trends

Recent News and Trends of Interest to Real Estate Sellers

There’s always something happening in the world of real estate that sellers of property should be aware of as they move forward with their deals. From new rules and regulations to trends in certain areas, there can be a lot

Taxes on Land

How to Minimize Capital Gains Taxes on Land Sales

The goal of every real estate seller is to maximize the profit they make from their property sale. That’s why sellers take so much care to optimize the value of their land and minimize or eliminate unnecessary costs throughout the

Selling Land

The Four Unseen Costs of Selling Land

Most real estate owners have very little experience selling land. As a result, they usually emerge from the sales process having learned a lot – and often wishing they’d have done some things differently to save some money along the

Selling Land

The Four Documents Needed to Sell Property

All the time, in doing real estate deals, we encounter situations in which sellers spend more time and money than necessary to complete their sale. Much of the time, these are costs associated with finding and gathering the paperwork needed

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