Real Estate Vendor Profile: MapRight

About MapRight was founded in 2014 to help companies and individuals gain a better understanding of properties and land features, and be able to more intuitively communicate them with others. 

Through an app and an online platform, people use MapRight to access eight different geographic information system (GIS) layers and nearly two dozen other land inputs, including: in-depth parcel data, floodplains, wetlands, contour lines, soil reports, public lands, railroads and pipelines. All public information relating to a property also can be aggregated and integrated – everything from ownership history to school assignments and tax data. Users also can easily save and share their findings by embedding them online, emailing them or printing out a PDF.


Why Solterra Property Works With MapRight

Solterra uses MapRight to create interactive, information-rich maps of every property it evaluates and eventually buys from a seller. This is an integral part of its normal due diligence process. These maps help Solterra:

  • Value a property
  • Communicate with owners and sellers about the specific attributes of their land
  • Make better decisions about which properties it will pursue for purchase
  • Operate more efficiently
  • Build better, deeper relationships with sellers
  • Communicate properly with surveyors and engineers 
  • Walk the property and easily identify where they are on the lot via Mapright GPS 


How You Benefit From MapRight 

Most real estate sellers don’t have the time or inclination to do the amount of homework and research necessary to properly appraise and sell their land. It’s a process that can easily take 80 to 100 hours, according to past experience. And if they do, they often don’t know where to start.

By working with Solterra, which uses MapRight, you don’t have to do all that work. Instead, Solterra can share with you the results of their due diligence, and give you every opportunity to ask questions and work with them to maximize your interests through a sale.

Follow this link to MapRight’s blog to learn more about all their great features: MapRight Blog

Here is a great article outline the importance of using interactive mapping in your business: BENEFITS OF INTERACTIVE MAPPING FOR REAL ESTATE BROKERS


Solterra Property helps real estate sellers unload their property easily, efficiently and safely. Contact Callan Faulkner and Jon Kattke at 612-662-4542 or [email protected]

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Samuel and Grace Moore
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Jon, Callan & the rest of the Solterra Team made our process simple and closed quickly...
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Robert and Ava Miller
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I never thought I'd see any money for my property. Thanks goodness we found Solterra.
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Chris Johnson
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I felt 110% confident by partnering with Solterra. Our experience was great from start to finish!

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